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Togethering with ProChile, Wines of Chile Asia are supporting a marketing promotion program in China, which creates Chinese New Year gift packages to promote Chilean wine and our culture during the Chinese New Year.

  1. What contains the gift package?
    It has 1 or 2 of Chilean wine bottles, 1 kg of Chilean Cherry, A nice CD that shows Chilean wine, cherries and our beautiful country.
  2. Why we choose Chinese New Year?
    Chinese New Year is the most important holiday for Chinese. It is the time for family reunion and gathering among friends. During these 7 days of national holiday, they will have the chance to chat about the year passed and new plan for next year.We expect our gift package will reach 70,000 middle and upper class families and 1 million plus people will taste our wine and watch our promotion video.  We think it is the most efficient way to promote our wine and culture to Chinese people.
  1. Why we pick wine and cherry?
    Chinese believe Red is a lucky color, especially during the New Year. Red will bring them good luck. So red wine and cherries will be good items to double their happiness. In China, Fruit and wine are regular gift items. Chilean Cherries are becoming very popular during the Chinese New Year among the middle and upper class. We think this package will show to Chinese the great image of Chile.
  1. Who is the operator?
    Same as pro Chile, WOC is the supporter of this promotion. Because we believe this promotion is good for Chilean wine.  But this marketing promotion is operated by a few private companies in China at their own investment and risk., a leading e commerce company in Shanghai created this marketing idea and also they are the main operator of this program with a few good partners.After the negotiation with the operator of this promotion, WOC Asia has had them agree to make this platform open to all our WOC members. Any members, who are interested to put your wine into this gift package, please contact with our office and we will put you into this pipeline.
  1. How to be part of this promotion?
    This platform will need 200,000 bottles Chilean wine ready to sell in Shanghai by Jan. 10th, 2015.It will have 3 levels, Variety, Reserva and Grand Reserva. The suggestion prices to sell to this platform are Variety (RMB 28), Reserve (RMB 3) and Grand Reserva (RMB 58).  Of course these numbers are for your consideration only. It could be lower or higher. It is upon your discussion with the operator in the future.The platform will not be able to import the wine from you directly. They will buy the wine from your importers. If your winery wants WOC office to help on the import issue, please contact us and we will do our best to assitant.

           To join this promotion place contact Mr. Ryo Dai of Winekee:

  1. Beyond the gift package.
    These limited 100,000 gift boxes will be distributed by TV shopping, Internet, boutique food store and Supermarket. It is designed to be a Chilean festival before/during Chinese New Year, which will be covered by lots local media.We think this is one of the good opportunities to promote your winery and your brand in China. If you are interested to do some marketing promotion with this program, we will be happy to assistant.

* “Join this promotion, by selling your Chilean wine to the gift platform of Cherries and Wine, Enjoy double. This is a Wines of Chile members only opportunity”

Cherries and Wine

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