Our Vision

Vision Statement:

  • To become the number one producer of sustainable and diverse premium wines from the New World by 2020, reaching exports of bottled wines of US$3 billion.


  • To strengthen the image and recognition of Chilean wines in international markets by increasing the value of the “Wines of Chile” brand, thus elevating the average price, sales, and added value for all Chilean wine industry stakeholders, including small and large growers, suppliers, wineries, and exporters.


  • Our objective is to grow at an annual average rate of 9.2% in value to reach the goal of US$3 billion in exports of bottled wine (FOB value) by 2020. This goal is based on the opportunities we see in the international market and supported by our historical growth presented in the table below.

Market Strategy:

  • Product: CS, Carmenere, SB as emblematic varieties. Other: Syrah and Pinot Noir from coastal and cool-climate areas and Carignan as a niche opportunity.
  • Market focus: US, Canada, Asia, Brasil and Europe
  • Price focus for all our activities: always above US$10 retail price (FOB greater than US$35 per case) as a reference in the US markets.
  • Increase presence in the different distribution channels, with particular emphasis on the on-trade and specialists.
  • Improve positioning in key segments (press, buyers, sommeliers, and consumers) through a series of educational programs, press coverage, and the development of the County Image aligned with the desired positioning.

Unique selling proposition:

  • Wines of Chile offers unique sustainable premium quality and diversity, ranging from cool climate to full-bodied fruity wines, with consistent high quality and value.

Tag Line:

  • “Wines of Chile – The Natural Choice”