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Annual Wines of Chile Awards (AWOCA) is the most important event of the wine industry of Chile, and it has been held for 13 years. While being of great significance for wine producers of Chile, this award also has far-reaching impact on the wine market. The setting- up of Annual Wines of Chile Awards (AWOCA) is aimed at selecting quality wines produced in Chile, and nowadays, it has become the guide for such trader partners as importers, hotels, bars, restaurants and wine businesses, as well as customers.

In 2015, the 13th Annual Wines of Chile Awards is to be held in China. As with the grand scale of previous years, there will be about 600 wines from over 80 wineries, and it almost involves all wine-producing areas of Chile.

The panel will consist  of 12  elite  representatives  active in each field  of wine  market, and they are renowned sommelier as Hiroshi ISHIDA from Japan, Paul EUN  from The Ritz-Carlton Seoul, British  Wine Master Peter Richards, Joshua GREEN, publisher and chief  editor of Wine & Spirits, Fongyee Walker, the  founder and general manager of Dragon & Phoenix Fine Wine Consulting Co., Ltd,  China-based French wine lecturer Julien Boulard, CEO and senior lecturer of AWSEC Corinne Mui, Paul WANG, wine  critic from Taiwan, and senior wine  lecturer Martin  Hao, Sophie Liu and Stephen Li from Mainland China, ensuring the match.

In the three days of wine tasting and appreciation, panel members will taste each wine in a blind way. While for the scoring, the hundred-mark system will be adopted, with golden award, silver award and bronze award set. All participating wines will be distributed into 14 groups, from each of them, the panel will select out the best wine of Chile and give out the category, including: the best Premium Red, the  best Premium White, the best Other Reds, the  best Other Withes, the best Blends, the  best Rose, the  best Sparkling Wine, the best Late Harvest, the best Cabernet Sauvignon,  the  best Carmenere, the  best  Pinot Noir,  the best Syrah, the best Chardonnay and the  best Sauvignon Blanc, and the final Best in Show will be chosen. Winner of each category will be announced on the  press conference and awards dinner, which will be held on December 3, 2015.