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The Chilean wine industry has made a firm commitment to protecting the environment and social responsibility and as such has created an extensive Sustainability Program.

Sustainability is far more than a catch phrase. It is also much broader than taking an ecologically sound approach to grape growing. It involves close attention to detail in each of the three components required for a healthy company: the environment, the people, and the economic bottom line. In response to an industry-wide concern for each of these areas, Wines of Chile has taken a proactive role in guiding the nation’s wineries toward sustainable practices and has sponsored the development of a National Sustainability Code that establishes definitions and guidelines for environmental and social responsibility. Wineries that meet with rigorous standards will earn the right to include the official “Accredited Sustainable-Wine of Chile” seal on their labels.

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Tidings Magazine publishes informative feature on sustainability in Chile

October th, 2012

Sustainability is now a key topic of discussion throughout the wine community, and Chile is swiftly embracing the sustainable winemaking trend. A new article in Tidings Magazine’s October 2012 issue examines this topic, concentrating on Chile’s progressive efforts to produce and export sustainable wines. The article’s author, Merle Rosenstein, poses the question, “How do pest […]

Wines of Chile promotes environmental sustainability

August th, 2012

By 2020, the wine industry of Chile is hoping to position itself as a leader in sustainability, a key component of the Wines of Chile’s strategic plan. This responsible and progressive goal reflects Chilean winemakers’ commitment to caring for Chile’s precious ecosystem while continuing to produce impeccable wines from rich and healthy terroirs. Educated consumers […]