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Sustainability Program

Chile is known for its privileged climate and a unique geography that combine to provide excellent conditions for growing grapes in a highly natural environment. However, not only does the Chilean wine industry wish to lead the way in creating a sustainable environment and setting examples for future generations of winemakers, it also wants to demonstrate this in a tangible way that can be understood by consumers.

To this end, the industry has been working on a Sustainability Program for the Chilean Wine Industry under the auspices of Vinos de Chile and Consortiums.

For Chile sustainability in the wine industry goes beyond sustainable viticulture. Sustainability means recognizing wine as part of a complete system that is not confined to the vineyard but that encompasses the winery, the employees, and the local community.

The Wines of Chile Sustainability Program is a series of initiatives and projects that are intended to establish the sustainability of Chile´s wine industry, which is understood as the convergence of production processes that are environmentally friendly, socially equitable, and economically viable. The program is currently conducted by the R&D Consortium.

The initiative began in April 2010 and currently includes projects to approach the complete concept of sustainability. The program includes:

  1. National Sustainability Code
  2. Projects related to key topics of the Code:
    • Geology and Viticultural Area
    • Climate change and Viticultural Areas
    • Pesticides
    • Biodiversity
    • Water Management
    • Energy and GHG
    • Social Responsibility
    • Code – Suppliers

For more information see:

Wines of Chile Sustainability Program for the Chilean Wine Industry (English)

Programa Nacional de Sustentabilidad de la Industria del Vino Chileno (Español).



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