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Trade & Media

Welcome Members of the Wine Trade!

This page is designed to offer you quick access to information that will facilitate your work in the commercial aspects of the wine industry. The Flash & Video Presentation is loaded with useful information and is an excellent training tool. The “Wineries Seeking Distribution in Your Market” section (coming soon) will help you in touch with the wineries that are actively seeking to do business in your area, and the “Statistics & Reports” section will keep you up to date on the latest figures for grape growing, wine production, exports, and more.

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Welcome Winewriters and Journalists!

This section is intended to make your job a bit easier. Here we offer you up-to-date information on different aspects of Chilean wine. The Flash & Video Presentation is chock full of useful information, the sections on Viticultural Information and Trade & Commercial Information will answer most of your questions (write us if you need something else), and there’s still more to come! We will soon have a photo gallery of images to accompany your articles.

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