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Wine is always best with food, and wine lovers will have no problem finding great dishes to go with whatever is in their glass. Chile is an agricultural country with a long coastline, so the supply and variation of fresh ingredients from land and sea is vast. Most Chilean cuisine consists of simply prepared, hearty fare based on beef, lamb, fish, shellfish, and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Typical dishes include pastel de choclo, a meat and corn pie served in clay bowls; empanadas filled with beef, cheese, or shellfish; and machas, razor clams on the half shell. Grilled meats are popular, and restaurants offer mixed grill parrilladas served on braziers, and a wide assortment of seafood is available in every form imaginable.

Eating in Chile is not all about tradition, however. Many chefs put the wide range of excellent ingredients to use in impressive gourmet dishes. And today, many wineries have charming restaurants that offer fine dishes inspired by fresh local ingredients especially prepared to highlight the house wines.

Whatever your food choice, in Chile, you will always find an ideal selection of wines to pair beautifully with your meal.