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Regional Diversity

Chile’s varied geography, excellent climatic conditions and ideal soils make it a world class producer of fine wines. The majority of its vineyards stretch from the Elqui Valley in the north to Malleco in the south, and from the foothills of the Andes in the east to the Pacific’s coastal hills to the west, although new winegrowing areas are constantly being explored and discovered. The result is a vast diversity in terroirs that produce excellent wines in many different styles.

Despite its north to south orientation, Chile’s wine regions show greater diversity from east to west in accordance with the proximity to the Andes or the ocean. Elegant red wines have long been grown in the eastern pre-Andean sectors, where the sun shines brightly during the day and the cool mountain breezes help create a very broad variance between daytime and night time temperatures.

Grapes grown in the central flatlands benefit from more even temperatures and richer soils, while vineyards in the west receive the influence of the Pacific, which makes for cooler conditions with morning fogs and brisk breezes that create ideal conditions for exciting whites and cool climate reds.