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Hacienda Araucano (Lurton)

The “dreamland” for fine red wine growers is the Colchagua Valley, where Francois Lurton produces wines and where he has plan¬ted vines little by little. The charm of this remarkably attractive country is reflected in the wines produced by him. His ambition is to keep this Hacienda as a boutique-winery focused on producing a small supply of top-of-the-range wines.
The 28 hectares of vines are cultivated using biodynamic practices with full registration in 2012.

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Phone: (56-72) 824-386

Fax: (56-72) 824-144


Address: Ruta I-72, Km 29, Comuna Lolol, VI Región, Chile


Hacienda Araucano (Lurton)