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Maycas de Limari

Viña Maycas del Limarí is located approximately 400 kms. north of Santiago on a plain that is continuously interrupted by the flow of the Limarí River in a deep basin that gives life to the Limarí Valley. These arid lands offer ideal conditions for winegrowing—the perfect combination of mineral soils, luminosity, and a cool climate moderated by the Pacific Ocean.
Maycas del Limarí wines are based on the sum of these elements. “Fundamentally, it is the cool climate that has the most influence on the style of wine, particularly on the acidity, which produces fresher wines that are more austere and mineral, elegant, and delicate in character,” says Marcelo Papa, who, along with Javier Villarroel and Francesca Perazzo make up the winery’s enological team.

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Phone: +56-2-4765742


Address: Av. Nueva Tajamar 481, Torre Sur, Oficina 1001.


Maycas de Limari